Empowering young people to find their way

Teens face challenges that can feel overwhelming but they don’t have to navigate their path alone. Clear Trails Youth Coaching offers coaching to help them set and achieve goals that matter to them. 

Welcome to Clear Trails Youth Coaching

Where we empower young people to find their way!

Finding Your Clear Trail

Welcome to Clear Trails Youth Coaching, where we empower young people to find their way! We provide life coaching services for teenagers, helping them to set and achieve goals that matter to them. We support teens who struggle with underachievement due to procrastination, poor study habits and lack of motivation or confidence, as well as those who experience stress as a result of complex relationships, busy schedules, and decisions about the future. 

Through research-based and developmentally sound coaching, teens learn to identify and solve their own problems, leading to improvements in school performance, skills of independence, goal setting and attainment, and overall feelings of contentment. Contact us today to set up a free consultation and discover how Clear Trails Youth Coaching can help you!

Meet The Coach

Hello, I’m Angie McIntyre, and I’m so happy you found your way to Clear Trails Youth Coaching! As a Certified Youth Resilience Coach, I am deeply dedicated to supporting self-determination in young people. Through the study of adolescent psychology and the science of motivation, I have built a well-stocked toolkit for supporting young people as they search for purpose and strive for their own version of fulfillment. I deliver my coaching via a person-centered approach based on the Rise and Thrive Model, a research-based process developed and proven by the Youth Coaching Institute.

Certified Youth Resilience Coach

Angie McIntyre

Benefits To Life Coaching

Young people who work with Clear Trails Youth Coaching can look forward to better results in their lives. Coaching can lead to improvements in:

  • Time management and meeting deadlines
  • Balancing busy schedules
  • Study habits and learning-related behaviors
  • Understanding and addressing procrastination
  • Self-motivation and task completion
  • Organizational skills
  • Focus and persistence
  • Commitment to goals, and the ability to set and meet goals that matter
  • Exploring realistic and positive plans about the future, and identifying manageable and purposeful steps for getting there
  • Finding and maintaining positive friendships
  • Answering the questions, “What matters to me?” and “What do I need to be happy?”

Contact us today to set up a free consultation

Send us a message to schedule a complimentary consultation, inquire about coaching, or learn more about our services. We typically respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours.

Email: angie@cleartrails.net

Phone: (651) 300-4347

Twin Cities Metro Area, MN

We offer virtual coaching as well!

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